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Kde nás nájdete / Where to find us?

GPS coordinates: 48.1405,17.1164

Airport Schwechat - Wienna

Bus tickets are available in the bus (the price of a ticket is approximately 8 €)

M.R.Štefanik - Airport Bratislava

Bus tickets are avaible in TVMs (Ticket Vending Machines):

60 minutes (1,20 €)

Bus 61 > Hlavná stanica (the Central TRAIN Station) Change at terminal station Hlavná stanica

Tram 1 > Petržalka
Get off at Šafárikovo námestie

Hlavná stanica - Central TRAIN Station

Tram 1 > Petržalka
Get off at Šafárikovo námestie

ZST Petržalka - TRAIN Station

Bus 91 > Most SNP
Change at terminal station Most SNP

Tram 4 >Zlaté piesky
Get off at Šafárikovo námestie

Bus station - (Mlynské Nivy)

Bus 70 > Most SNP
Get off at Malá scéna
Walk 5 minutes from Malá scéna to Šafárikovo nám.



If you call a taxi by telephone, the price may be lower than if use a taxi at a taxi rank.

All railway lines, train stations and main bus connections are available at
city traffic:

Where to find us?


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