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doc. PhDr. Ada Böhmerová, M.A., PhD.

Akademický profil

Academic profile

Teaching Areas

I currently teach English Lexicology and Lexicography, History of English, Phraseology and Neologisms.

Earlier I taught a number of other courses, too, including Practical Exercises, Introduction into English Studies, English for Administrative Purposes, Legal English, Stylistics, and Consecutive Interpreting.



I am a graduate of the Faculty of Arts, Comenius University, English and Russian (1970; Degree awarded: prom. fil., equivalent to current  Slovak Mgr. and English M.A.); Thesis: Conrad’s Exotic Themes of Personal Experience

Further education and Degrees:

– 1973-1974 - M. A. in Linguistics, Department of Linguistics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA

Other Degrees awarded at the Faculty of Arts, Comenius University:

–1980 – PhDr. in Germanic Linguistics – the English Language; Doctoral Thesis: Niektoré otázky jazykovej realizácie negácie v angličtine v porovnaní so slovenčinou

– 1983 – PhD. in Germanic Linguistics – the English Language; Thesis: Kontrastívny rozbor gramatickej negácie v angličtine v porovnaní so slovenčinou

– 2011 – Associate Professor in General Linguistics; Habilitation Thesis: Blending As Lexical Amalgamation and Its Onomatological and Lexicographical Status in English and in Slovak


Professional Affiliation

Department of British and American Studies, Comenius University, Bratislava – from graduation up to the present, with the exception of:

1992-1994 – Fulbright Lecturer of the Slovak Language and Culture at John Carroll University, Cleveland, USA

Present Position: Associate Professor



Native: Slovak; Command of other languages: English (professional), French (advanced), Russian (advanced), Hungarian (advanced), German (passive)

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Akademické aktivity, projekty, granty

Professional Activities

– Translator of fiction from English into Slovak (e.g. Fitzgerald, Welty, Leacock, Vonnegut, Dahl, Ripley, Grisham)

– Translator of non-fiction from and into English (books, studies, articles, etc.), including linguistic texts

– Certified and Licensed Legal Translator (earlier also Certified Interpreter)

– Co-author of the large English-Slovak Dictionary and the large Slovak English Dictionary (submitted to the publisher)

– Editor of proceedings from conferences, reviewer of linguistic monographs, etc.


Organizational Activities

– organizer of the First Czechoslovak Anglicist Conference in Slovakia in 1987

– co-organizer of several conferences of the Department of British and American Studies


Fields of Professional Interest

English word-formation and its dynamism, Contrastive English-Slovak systemic lexicology, Lexicography and its history, History of the English Studies, Etymology, Historical and contrastive lexical semantics, Phraseology, Pragmatic aspects of lexis in discourse



– Philological Society, Great Britain

– Steering Committee Member of the Slovak Terminological Network, General Directorate for Translation, European Commission, Luxemburg

– Slovenská jazykovedná spoločnosť SAV (Slovak Linguistic Association of the Slovak Academy of Sciences)

– SKASE (Slovak Association for the Studies of English), member of ESSE

– Dissertation Committee Member at UPJŠ University, Košice, at Prešov University in Prešov, and at Pedagogical Faculty of Comenius University, Bratislava

– Editorial Board Member of Časopis pro moderní filologii, Prague

– Member of the Faculty of Arts Translation Institute Examination Committee for  Certified Translators and Interpreters authorised by the Ministry of Justice




Blending As Lexical Amalgamation in English and in Slovak, Bratislava : ŠEVT, 2010

Slovak for You – Slovak for the Speakers of English, Bratislava : Perfekt, Bolchazy-Carducci, USA, 1996, 2006, 2010, 2013

Making Friends with Idioms (co-authored with Heather Trebatická), Bratislava : UK, 2013


Scholarships and Awards

1973-4 – American Association of University Women for studying Linguistics in the USA

1992-1994 – Fulbright Scholarship for Lecturing the Slovak Language and Culture in the USA

1982, 2012 – Bronze and Silver Medals awarded by the Faculty of Arts, Comenius University

2007 – Matej Bel Award by the Slovak Literary Agency Lita for the co-translation from English into Slovak of the book Mythology


Lectures and Conference Presentations

– several dozens at various universities and institutions in the USA, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Bohemia, Poland, Slovenia, Ukraine and, of course, Slovakia


Recent Projects

2013-2016 – Linguo-Cultural Determination of the Lexis in the Anglophone and the Slovak Context – VEGA 1/0675/13 (Scientific Grant Agency of the Ministry of Education of the Education, Science and and Sports of the Slovak Republic and of the Slovak Academy of Sciences – Head of Team

2012-2013 – Equivalentation of EC English Law Terminology with Slovak – D3-IATE-SK-8, General Directorate for Translation, European Commission, Luxembourg – Head of Team

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