General information

Postgraduate studies represent the 3rd degree of university study. After students’ fulfilling all the conditions, the study is completed by their being awarded a title of doctor of philosophy (PhD.) The study can be carried out at one of the faculty’s departments or at one of the institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS) which is an accreditation holder and has signed a contract with the Faculty of Arts.

Duration of postgraduate studies:

  • Full-time: 4-years (exception: 3-year study in the study programme of pedagogy)
  • Part-time: 5-year study

Accredited study programmes and study fields

Systematic Philosophy (study field 2.1.2. systematic philosophy)

History of Philosophy (study field 2.1.3. history of philosophy)

Aesthetics (study field 2.1.6. aesthetics)

General History (study field 2.1.8. general history)

Slovak History (study field 2.1.9. Slovak history)

Auxiliary Historical Sciences (study field 2.1.11. auxiliary historical sciences)

Religious Studies (study field 2.1.16. religious studies)

Musicology (study field 2.1.37 Musicology)

Literary Science (study field 2.1.23. theory of literature and history of specific national literatures)

Archaeology (study field 2.1.25. archaeology)

Slovak Language (study field 2.1.27. Slovak language and literature)

Slovak Literature (study field 2.1.27. Slovak language and literature)

Slavic Studies (study field 2.1.28. Slavic languages and literatures)

East Asian Studies (study field 2.1.30. Oriental languages and cultures)

Classical Languages (study field 2.1.31. classical languages)

General Linguistics (study field 2.1.33. general linguistics)

Translation Studies (study field 2.1.35. translating and interpreting)

Sociology (study field 3.1.1. sociology)

Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology (study field 3.1.3. ethnology)

Political Science (study field 3.1.6 Political Science)

Clinical Psychology (study field 3.1.12. clinical psychology)

Social Psychology and Psychology of Work (study field 3.1.13. social psychology and psychology of work)

Cultural Studies (study field 3.1.2. cultural studies)

Librarianship and Information Science (study field 3.2.4. librarianship and information studies)

Theory and History of Journalism (study field 3.2.2. theory and history of journalism)

Mass Media Studies (study field 3.2.3. mass media studies)

Form of postgraduate study:

The study is carried out in accordance with an individual study plan under the supervision of a supervisor and is based on the credit system. Postgraduate students are awarded credits for their study activities, scientific activities and teaching and educational activities.

The study part requirements comprise predominantly attending lectures, seminars and individual study of professional literature. Scientific activities are represented by individual or team activities of postgraduate students in accordance with the topic of their dissertation thesis (e.g. participating in conferences and publishing). The full-time postgraduate study requirements (excluding part-time students) also include teaching activities of maximum four classes a week.

To pass through to the next year of study, full-time postgraduate students must obtain minimum 40 (part-time students 30) credits within the previous academic year. Full-time postgraduate students must subscribe for a dissertation exam no later than by the end of the 24th month (part-time students by the end of the 30th month) of their study. The total number of credits to be obtained by students is at least 240 (in the three-year full-time study 180 credits). The study is completed by a successful dissertation thesis defence.

Admission proceedings

Candidates for the postgraduate study at the Faculty of Arts, Comenius University are allowed to submit one application form only. They must choose a theme specified by the relevant department (the department also specifies if the study is carried out as full-time or part-time study). The same rules apply to candidates who want to study at one of the partner institutes of the SAS (one application for a theme specified in advance). Foreigners are recommended to contact the representatives of a relevant department or the SAS institute and discuss the possibility of announcing a theme which would correspond with the candidate’s interests (contacts are available at the websites of relevant departments).

Other documents to be submitted with the application

  • Professional CV, signed
  • A copy of a proof of citizenship (birth certificate), authenticated by a notary public
  • A list of your published and unpublished articles or a list of results of other professional activities or assessments of such works and activities)
  • A signed project of your dissertation thesis which must comprise a brief description of the topic of the dissertation thesis, a definition of the subject of research, methodological bases  and procedures, the goals of the research, and bibliography of publications candidates find relevant from the point of the topic of their dissertation thesis. The total extent of the project should not exceed 10 pages of text.

General contents of the entrance examination

The entrance proceedings are always held in June on a day specified in advance. It is an oral interview before a branch committee (in case of the SAS institutes it is a joint branch committee). The examination consists of questions concerning the project submitted by the candidate and of questions targeted at verifying the candidate’s theoretical knowledge of the relevant field.

Financial conditions

Full-time postgraduate students are entitled to a scholarship in accordance with Act No. 131/2002 on universities

a) Before passing the dissertation exam the scholarship corresponds to the 9th salary bracket and the first salary scale (511 €)

b) After passing the dissertation exam the scholarship corresponds to at least 10th salary bracket and the first salary scale (596 €)

Part-time postgraduate students pay the fee of 700 € (in accordance with the Directives of the Rector of Comenius University in Bratislava which stipulates the height of tuition fees and fees related to the studies at Comenius University in Bratislava in the academic year 2015/16).

Internal Regulation of Comenius University No. 7/2011 on Degree Theses