Project aims

The project IMPACT aims to improve internationalisation through enhancing competences of university teachers. We intend to achieve this aim by three main means.

First, we will design and pilot a course that will prepare teachers for teaching international students. Teaching such cohorts requires not only the capability to teach in a foreign language but also the ability to recognise and address the needs of foreign students. The course will therefore raise participant awareness of those different needs and provide a set of instruments that will help them to teach courses attended by both local and foreign students.

Second, we will prepare and test another course to enhance teachers’ writing skills so that they can effectively assist students to improve their academic writing. The course shall help teachers to design writing assignments and provide feedback on student writing while reflecting on their own academic writing traditions as well as enhance their own publication record. This increased reputation, in turn, shall also increase the attractiveness of their institutions for incoming foreign students.

We will evaluate the outcomes of both courses in two or more research papers.

Third, we will create a web portal with freely accessible teaching and learning resources that can be used when teaching classes with diverse students but also for many other educational purposes. We will compile a document that will delineate the areas of main attention in order to improve the overall quality of teaching and learning. In this strategic cooperation plan, our particular focus will be on identifying the nexus where our partnership can attain shared aims more effectively.