Equipment and Laboratories


Dendrochronologic Laboratory (by the Department of Archaeology) has at its disposal high-quality equipment for radiocarbon dating and chronometric research. Besides that laboratory posses unique sample database of endangered archaeological and historic-architectural woods from Slovakia (more information available at: )

Social Sciences

Social Science Laboratory by the Centre of Excellence for Social Innovations is equipped with specialized software for qualitative and quantitative data analyses, access to renowned electronic journal databases as well as domestic and foreign literature on social sciences research.


Psychophysiology Laboratory is focused on psychological and psychological analysis of cognitive functions in stressing conditions. Laboratory is equipped with appliances for Eye Tracking and electrooculography, electro-encephalography (8 and 14 channel EEG), electromyography, electrocardiography and pulse frequency as well as for measurement of electro dermal activity, respiration and skin temperature (thermo visual camera and scanner).

Cognitive Processes Laboratory conducts experiments analysing processes such as memory, perception, thinking and feeling. Laboratory is equipped with Laboratory in Cognition & Perception v3, CogLab and statistical software.