Department of Journalism

The Department of Journalism is the oldest journalist school in Slovakia. It continuously innovates and upgrades its teaching methods and procedures. Students can currently choose from Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, and will soon be offered also doctoral programmes. Academic study at the department is based on the theory of mass communication and reflects the needs of printed, electronic and web-based mass media. This need is based on the society’s requirement to understand the processes of social progress and to be able to positively affect these processes, which demands that information be provided fast and comprehensively. The quality of teaching at the department relies on original textbooks, teaching materials and interdisciplinary seminars focusing on new trends in printed media, radio and television, or on new forms of communication. The department’s graduates are prepared for work not only in the mass media, but also in press departments of various institutions, mostly as spokespersons. The department’s teachers and researchers have had six decades of experience in academic research and publications. The quality thereof can be seen, among other things, in the theoretical quarterly Journalistic Issues which is the only periodical in Slovakia publishing research and specialized studies, academic research output, theoretical discussions, expert articles or essays.