In General

Specialization of the Department:

Comparison of the Slovak history with the history of surrounding historiographies (Czech, Hungarian, Austrian, Polish), important Slovak history figures, editing and publishing of Slovak history sources and references.


Extra Equipment:

Library of the History Departments (about 50 000 volumes of history literature) HERE


The most important results:

Tracking the elites in Slovak history, comparison of Slovak personages and figures with surrounding historiographies, editing and publishing of Slovak history sources and references, everyday life history (conference editions on butchery, beverages in Slovak history, etc).


Additional information:

The department is a schooling facility for internal and external PhD students. It has issued 44 annual collections of Historica periodical, 2 annual collections of the online almanac HISTORIA NOVA, lectures at the Slovak language and culture seminar Studia Academica Slovaca with regular publishings in the SAS collection, editing Slovak history sources and references, UNESCO prize for saving European culture heritage, etc.  .


Research tasks:

- The personages of Slovak History VEGA 1/0245/10

- Slovakia in Habsburg Monarchy 1526–1918 VEGA 1/5252/98                

- Elites in Slovak History VEGA 2/8149/98

- Slovakia in the years 1963-1970 VEGA 2/5149/98