Research at the department is motivated mostly by the professional specialization of its individual members. Thus, focus is laid mostly on diplomatics, paleography, epigraphy, codicology, heraldics, genealogy, archontology, sphragistics, historical geography, historical demography, historical statistics, and the history of administration. The most current research results include new findings about the development of regional, municipal and family coats of arms and seals in Slovakia, about the genealogy of selected aristocratic and burghers’ families who had lived in Slovakia in the past; about the administration of medieval villages in Slovakia; as well as new findings about the beginnings of emperor Joseph’s reform of public administration in Slovakia; about bishop appointment procedures in Slovakia in modern times; about the development of written documents in modern regional administration in Slovakia; as well as more precise criteria for dating Gothic typefaces used in books and documents in Slovakia; and in-depth analyses of demographic development in Slovakia in the second half of the 19th and the first half of the 20th century.