Summer school SAS

Summer school of Slovak language and culture Studia Academica Slovaca


Summer school of Slovak language and culture SAS is aimed at Slovakists and Slavists abroad, cultural workers, managers, language teachers, translators and all those interested in studying Slovak language and culture. The aim of the course is to enable students to acquire and improve their Slovak language competence on various levels, as well as extend their knowledge in Slovak linguistics, literature, history and culture.

Summer School SAS is the oldest summer university in Slovakia, established in 1965; under the name Studia Academica Slovaca since 1966. Since its establishment, SAS has continually maintained its profile of Slovakist academic studies. The Summer School SAS is usually attended by approximately 160 participants from more than 30 countries all over the world. Those creating and leading the seminars are university teachers and lecturers, experts in teaching Slovak as a foreign language, often experienced in teaching at universities abroad.

Structure of the summer school

NOTICE! 57TH SUMMER SCHOOL SAS WILL BE HELD ONLINE. Please follow the website "INFO SAS 2022" for updates.


A. Basic Programme:

  • Language courses for beginners and pre-intermediate students (levels A1, A2)
  • Language courses for intermediate and upper-intermediate students (levels B1, B2)
  • Language courses and specialized seminars for advanced students aimed at: linguistic interpretation; literary interpretation; translatological interpretation; scientific and methodological training for teachers
  • Lectures on language, literature, ethnology, politology, history and other mainly homeland study disciplines for intermediate and upper-intermediate students (lectures are published in Studia Academica Slovaca proceedings from the corresponding year, which are at disposal already through the Summer School)
  • Lectures in foreign languages on Slovak language, culture and realia (especially for participants with lower level of language competence)


B. Optional Programme

  • Workshops - mastering Slovak culture by means of interactive seminars (singing, dancing, creative writing, theatre, photography, fine arts, film)
  • Presentation of Slovak art - films, art ensembles, exhibitions, conterts etc.
  • Meetings with Slovak writers, artists and other representatives of Slovak science and culture
  • Cultural field trip in selected regions of Slovakia - cultural and historical sights, towns, castles, ethnographic museums, caves and other attractions
  • multicultural event "For Ourselves", where the works created in workshops are presented

Evaluation, certificates and credits

Participants are devided into individual study groups according to their results reached in the entrance test in Slovak language with regard to their study major. The Summer School participants are awarded a Certificate of Completion with detailed list of all completed (compulsory and optional) courses and activities. To qualify for this Certificate, students are required to regularly attend and actively participate in the seminars and lectures, they are evaluated continuously throughout the seminars, and need to submit required written work (final test, essay). After attending the programme, participants are offered the oportunity to take a final exam and obtain evaluation and ECTS credits.