PhDr. Tomáš Černák, PhD.

Room:  Š 408
Consultation hours: THU 9:45-10:45

PhDr. Tomáš Černák, PhD. (1984), studied history at the Faculty of Arts, Comenius University in Bratislava (2008 – Mgr., 2009 – PhDr.) and then graduated with PhD degree at the Institute of History of Slovak Adacemy of Sciences. His disertation dealt with the assumption of power and its initial application by the Communist Party in Slovakia from February 1948 to the beginning of autumn 1948. In 2010-2014 he worked at the Institute of History of Slovak Academy of Sciences and from 2018 he teaches modern Slovak history at the Department of Slovak History of the Faculty of Arts of Comenius University.
His scientific research focuses on the history of Slovakia in the 20th century, especially after 1945, history of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia and the Communist Party of Slovakia and personalities of Slovak Communist leaders. In his research he also deals with history of Slovak and Czechoslovak football and the impact of politics on football during the Communist regime.
He has authored and co-authored several publications about the Slovak and Czechoslovak Communist leader, Gustáv Husák: Husák. Mladé roky Gustáva Husáka 1913-1938 (Husák. Young years of Gustáv Husák 1913-1938), Husák. V odboji a v Povstaní 1938-1945 (Husák. In resistance and in the Slovak National Uprising 1938-1945) and Husák. Vrcholy a pády 1945-1951 (Husák. Tops and falls 1945-1951).
He is the author and co-author of several books from the history of football, for example, Zlatý Belehrad 1976 (The Golden Belgrade 1976), Pamätnica Bratislavského futbalového zväzu (History of Bratislava Football Association) and he is the founder of the Blue Legends edition series about the non-living players and coaches of Slovan Bratislava football club (six books so far).


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