Mgr. Dominik Blanár

Room:  Š 407
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Dominik Blanár is also the secretary of the Departments of Slovak and General History and the Department of Archiving and Auxiliary Sciences. In 2005 – 2010 he studied history at the Faculty of Arts, Comenius University in Bratislava. During his PhD studies (2011 – 2017) he was at several study and research stays abroad – in Zagreb, Krakow, Warsaw and Cluj-Napoca. He deals with medieval Hungarian nobility, especially at the territory of present-day eastern Slovakia in the Arpadian and Angevin periods. The main subject of his research and his dissertation is the noble family Omodej (Amade) of the Aba kindred. Among his publications are: The first possessions of the Aba Kindreds beyond the Drava river (2013), Omodejovci – strojcovia bitky pri Rozhanovciach (The Omodej/Amade Family – devisers of the Battle of Rozhanovce, 2012), Šľachtici v službách oligarchov Omodejovcov (The Noblemen in the Service of the Omodej/Amade Oligarchs, 2013), Uhorsko-poľská intervencia na Rusi proti Tatárom 1323 – 1325 (Hungarian-Polish Intervention against the Tartars in Rus, 1323-1325; 2015), Symboly a atribúty stredovekej uhorskej šľachty – erby (Symbols and Attributes of Medieval Hungarian Nobility, 2015). He participated in the Comenius University grant for young researchers in 2016 (Grant Mladých UK-233-2016).