Mgr. Jana Halmo

Jana Halmo (* 1991, Bratislava) studied at the Conservatoire in Brno – field of singing, at the Conservatory in Bratislava – filed of Composition. She graduated from the Department of Musicology of the Comenius University. Between 2015 and 2017, she graduated the Music Therapy Course, guaranteed by the Music Therapeutic Association of the Czech Republic under the guidance of Lecturer Matěj Lipský. In 2017 she attended the Roche Continents program. She is engaged in the field of music therapy in children with health disabilities and focuses especially on a group of children with autistic spectrum disorders. She focuses on the development of music therapies in Slovakia from the point of view of history, but especially the present and the current events. Under the guidance of the supervisor doc. Mgr. Vladimir Zvaru, PhD. and consultant RNDr. Marek Žabku, PhD. she prepares the dissertation project Music Therapy for children with disabilities.