Creative Writing

Creative writing for students of teaching programmes

The course helps students to understand how to use creative writing in the educational process. It focuses on the didactic aspects of creative writing as the method that can be used in teaching Slovak language and literature  as well as foreign languages and literatures, social sciences and humanities at all levels of education. Creative writing is presented as a creative methodology, which fosters the development of the learner’s capacities to research and explore creatively and which cultivates the personality of a learner by means of self-expression, self-understanding, self-reflection and self-learning. The key theoretical assumptions lying behind the creative writing approach will be introduced, but the main focus will be on learning by doing – students will practise writing in a wide range of creative activities and etudes. After finishing the course the students will

  • get an overview of what creativity is and what the basic principles of enhancing creativity at schools are,
  • learn some techniques enhancing general writing competence as well as literary competence,
  • be able to reflect on the creative process and creative products,
  • be able to apply the learned knowledge and skills to their own academic and creative activities.

The course is optional mainly for students of teaching programmes.

Course instructor: Assoc. Prof. PhDr. Věra Eliašová, PhD.