Korean Studies

The Korean studies section of the Department of East Asian Studies, Faculty of Philosophy, Comenius University is the only academic institution in Slovak Republic offering program (currently B.A.) in Korean studies.

The Korean studies program at the Comenius University was established in September 2012 when first students have been enrolled in the program. This was preceded by establishing Korean language lectorate between February 2009 and March 2011, supported by Korea Foundation. Dr. Kim Myungshin was Korean language lecturer, teaching mainly students of Faculty of Philosophy. Besides that she was giving lectures on Korean culture and history during semester. This was the first step in establishing Korean studies program at the University. The second step, accreditation of the program in 2010, followed afterwards. In February 2010 the Faculty prepared documentation for four year curriculum of Korean studies. Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic granted the B.A. level of Korean studies program in November 25, 2010.
The B. A. Korean Studies Program is focused on one of the most prominent East Asian civilizations that currently plays an important role in world economy and international relations. B.A. students should master written and spoken Korean language taught by native Korean lector who was sent by Korea Foundation, they should as well have a good grasp of Korean culture and society.

The goal of the B.A. program is to teach the most important disciplines of Korean studies, namely Korean philosophy, religions of Korea, Korean literature, history, economy and current political development. Students will learn Korean alphabet Hangul, Sino-Korean characters Hanja, historical and contemporary forms of Korean language, language of newspaper and mass media. Besides that they will get to know modern spoken Korean language in order to reach a good communication competence, as well as to provide the students with the necessary background knowledge of various aspects of Korean society. Students will learn the basics of translation from/to Korean language and abilities to write texts in Korean language. They will be able to apply their theoretical knowledge into the praxis and able to analyze tasks related to current development on Korean peninsula as well as other aspects of Korean civilization, Korean past and the future.
Currently, in academic year 2022/2023, there are 21 students enrolled in the B.A. level of the Korean Studies Program.

The staff of the Korean Studies program: Mr. Sang-hyun Shin, M.Ed. – Korea Foundation Visiting Professor, native speaker, teaching contemporary spoken Korean, Korean grammar, Korean alphabet; Mr. Miloš Procházka, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor), teaching Korean geography and society; Dr. phil. Marianne Jung (Assistant Professor).

The Korean studies section of the department is cooperating with other academic institutions with similar focus in the European Union within the Erasmus+ and CEEPUS networks. This cooperation enables the student to spend a semester abroad (Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary). Besides students’ mobility, these cooperation networks and the support of the Academy of Korean Studies within the project “Implementation and Development of Korean Studies at the Comenius University in Bratislava” (July 2013 – June 2016) give us the opportunity to invite visiting professors to our department including specialist in the field of Korean Studies. The best students of the Korean Studies program have the opportunity to spend one or two semesters in the Republic of Korea.


The library of the Korean Studies section holds several thousand of books in Korean and Western languages (English, German, French, Slovak, Czech, Russian) which cover various aspects of Korea. The library holdings were mainly acquired with the financial support of the Korea Foundation and the Academy of Korean Studies.