Daniel Škoviera

Prof. PhDr. Daniel Škoviera, PhD. († 24. 2. 2021)

Professor emeritus

Section: Classical Philology 

Publications 1973-2016 (pdf)

Prof. Daniel Škoviera, PhD.
(30. 11. 1946 – 24. 2. 2021) specialised in Neo-Latin philology, theory of translation of classical languages and ancient metrics. He concentrated on translating, analysing and interpreting texts of Neo-Latin authors connected with the territory of Slovakia, mostly its eastern part, e. g. Leonard Stöckel, Valentinus Ecchius. He was an editor and reviewer of texts of Neo-Latin authors, a member of the collective of translators preparing the Ecumenical translation of the New Testimony and Psalms (1997) and the co-author of the translation of the whole Plutarchus' Biographies (2008). He translated the Roman History of Ammianus Marcellinus (1988), Cicero's rhetorical works, etc. Recently he published series of articles about the founder of the classical studies in Slovakia Miloslav Okál and a monograph Miloslav Okál, the first professor of classics in Slovakia. His teaching activities covered Greek, Roman and Neo-Latin literature, ancient Greek and Roman religion and mythology, metrics, Latin stylistics, biblical Greek, reading of Roman lyric poetry.