Juraj Šedivý

Assoc. Prof. Juraj Šedivý, MAS, PhD.

(Middle Ages, history of literacy, urban history) has cultivated the disciplines which were practically non-existent in Slovakia - latin palaeography, epigraphy, history of literacy. Contrary to isolated research activities (into codices, charters, inscriptions), he explores the Central European centres of literacy from all three main aspects.  His monograph, written in German (2007), presented such complex approach to the collegiate chapter in Bratislava, and made him an internationally recognized expert (he was elected to the top scientific network of historians specializing in literacy – Comité International de Paléographie Latine / CIPL). Then he has built up a team of experts and founded the Corpus incriptionum Slovaciae edition project with the aim of analyzing the medieval and early modern age inscriptions in the Slovak territory. Using the dated particulars he created a chart of date determining elements of inscription letterings which also help to chronologically determine undated inscriptions. He initiated also the unique historiographic project which has engaged over 200 experts from 4 countries with the goal of publishing a 5-volume history of Bratislava. Within this project he created an untraditionally structured monograph and for the first time brought up several new topics within the Slovak urban historiography (e.g. relations of the citizens and their natural environment, uses and abuses of the past in urban milieu). The first volume won 6 main Slovak awards, e.g. the book of the year 2012. The book also came to international acclaim (the editor was elected to the world network of city history historians – CIHV).