For applicants for study

Bachelor study (I. degree)

Applicants for study will be accepted on the basis of results from the entrance exam which consists of general study preconditions.

  • All information regarding the admission procedure can be found at this link (in Slovak).

 Deadline for submitting the application: until 28th February 2019

Admission examinations date: 25th May 2019

Master study (II. degree)

The applicants will be accepted without an entrance exam in the order drawn up on the basis of the obtained weighted study average values for completed profile lectures, which represent the Bachelor study program basis, on which the Master's degree program builds up. 

All information regarding the admission procedure can be found at this link (in Slovak).

Doctoral study (III. degree)

Doctoral study is performed in full-time or external form. Students in full-time doctoral study are provided with scholarship.

Doctoral study is performed by an individual study plan under the guidance of supervisor. This is done at the faculty or an external education institution with which the University or Faculty has a contract agreement for doctoral studies.

All information regarding the doctoral studies can be found at this link (in Slovak).

The application for doctoral study must include:

  • personally signed CV;
  • certified copies of completed education and citizenship documents; applicant who has completed a master's degree at the same Faculty, to which he applies for doctoral studies, submit copies of qualifications; applicant who has completed a master's degree at one of the UK faculties and subscribes on doctoral studies at another of UK faculties, will provide copies of the documents on education along with their originals for inspection and verification by the relevant academic department employee;
  • personally signed list of published works by applicant or list of results in other professional or artistic activities and if possibly reviews on them;
  • dissertation project, which shall include a brief description of the thematic focus of the dissertation specifying the subject of research, methodological assumptions and procedures, research objectives and references with titles that the applicant considers relevant to the topic. The overall scope of the project dissertation should not exceed 10 pages.

The admission process starts with the delivery of the written application to the faculty and with proper completing and submitting of an electronic application through the AIS information system.