Bachelor study (Bc.)

Information about study

Study programme: Archaeology

Field of study: Historical Sciences

Degree of study: Bachelor

Form of study: full time form

Standard length of study: 3 years

Granted academic title: Bachelor (Bc.)

Possibilities of employment at the labour market for the graduates of archaeology

Graduates of the first degree in archeology are qualified to find employment as professionals in museums (lecturers, curators of collections), as members of research teams (at position of a technicians, documentation writers), research workplaces at Slovak Academy of Sciences, monument offices, government or private departments authorized to perform basic field survey managed by graduates of the second (Mgr.) and third degree (PhD.). The employment can be sought in cultural facilities with a focus on history and preservation of cultural heritage, in state and local government, in positions where is the master's degree not required.

Besides knowledge associated with their own specialization, graduates of the first degree (Bc.) have a solid language skills and experiences in teamwork. These may be advantageously applied in several areas of society-wide practice (e.g. in tourism, hotel industry, logistics). The education experiences nevertheless show that the vast majority (over 80%) of bachelors are continuing their studies (master degree) in the same discipline.

Characteristic of study plan courses

The study plan courses are structured so that the graduate possess both theoretical and methodological knowledge and practical skills, providing a sufficient basis for his own research activities. Bachelor's degree mandatory subjects reflect the core knowledge topics of study. Theoretical knowledge is supposed to explain cultural development focused on the territory of Slovakia in its various prehistoric and historical periods.

In addition to theoretical knowledge the graduate adequately controls the fundamental methods of scientific work. They can be acquired by completing several courses that provide an introduction to the study of their own field of science. In these courses the student obtains the knowledge of terminology and gets the first experience from presenting the results of his own scientific research.

In the context of other core knowledge topics, the student also acquires acquaintances beyond the borders of archeology (for example through natural sciences). He/she will also become familiar with theoretical and practical possibilities of presenting archaeological heritage.

The knowledge and skills which create the prerequisites for managing the basic research tasks will be acquired through methodology of field excavation supplemented by four weeks long practice in field. Besides the language courses which will improve the language skills of students, there is an option to choose from various lectures of related scientific disciplines on the university.

Study programme (in Slovak)

Profile of the graduate

Common characteristic of the graduate

Graduates of the first degree (Bc.) of archeology will acquire theoretical and practical knowledge about the basic level of field excavation. They will get familiar with laws that determine the preparation and realization of basic field excavations and guarantee the protection of national heritage. They will acquire the basic methods and skills with the documentation and classification of archeological findings. They will get the professional awareness for observance of laws and ethical "code".

They are acquainted of how to cooperate with departments authorized to carry out the field excavations and with institutions administrating the archeological artifacts. They will gain the understanding of how to adopt the interdisciplinary cooperation (geology, geophysics, paleobotany, paleozoology, anthropology, geography, history, museology, ethnology, auxiliary sciences in history, art history etc.) and how to manage the basic applications of modern computer methods. When working with the artifacts they know how to classify them according to their chronological and cultural position. They have a sufficient knowledge about the necessary literature. He/She knows how to analytically handle and publish acquired data.

Graduates of the first degree (Bc.) of archaeology can apply for positions in museums, as members of research teams and scientific research departments of Slovak Academy of Sciences, in departments authorized to carry out field excavations with a team led by second degree graduate (Mgr.), in cultural facilities with a focus on history and preservation of cultural heritage and in state and local government which does not require higher education.

Theoretical knowledge

First degree graduate (Bc.) in archaeology:

  • has knowledge of cultural development of territory of today's Slovakia from the Early Stone Age to the beginnings of the Modern Age;
  • handles the basic interpretation of three-dimensional material and find ensemble with proper chronological and cultural classification;
  • has sufficient knowledge about the necessary literature and is aware of citation ethic;
  • has an overview of interdisciplinary connections of archeology;
  • knows the basic legislative standards for the protection of cultural heritage.

Practical abilities and skills

First degree graduate (Bc.) in archaeology is able to:

  • classify archaeological finds and keep the evidence of museum artifact collections;
  • carry out the documentation of find ensembles in the form of geodetic survey, drawing, taking photo and making description;
  • perform the first level documentation and evaluation of artifacts;
  • publish summary results of basic research through reports in professional journals.

Additional eruditions, knowledge and skills

First degree graduate (Bc.) in archaeology is able to:

  • manage a basic field excavation;
  • conclude the work contracts and comply with health and safety regulations;
  • present the results research through the form of lectures and occasional exhibitions;
  • apply modern computer methods.