Acta Culturologica is the Department journal for the presentation of its research. It was founded in 1998.

The previous 23 volumes contained different types and genres of scientific and research work, literature reviews and information on scientific activities of members of the department.

In the journal, there were published materials from international conferences organized by the Department, defended PhD thesis (Vol. 8, 9 and 14) monographs (vol. 10 and 11) and study materials on the history of national culture (Vol. 7 and 12).


Association of Cultural Studies works at the Department of Cultural Studies FIF UK since 2007. Its objective is to promote scientific and professional activities of students. It organizes events such as the ŠVOK (Student Professional Scientific Conference), Open Days at the Department of Cultural Studies, organized within the Week of Science, and specialized lectures. The Association cooperates on publishing of journal Acta Culturologica (previously released 23 volumes 23), and on cooperation with partner departments participating in conferences, seminars and publications.

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Bank Account:  262 41 26 102


VEGA 1/4659/07 Systemization of Culturological Categorical Apparatus 

Principal investigator: Mgr. Zuzana Slušná, PhD.

VEGA, 1/0754/08 Models of Intercultural Competence in Central European Region. 2008 - 2010
Principal investigator: prof. PhDr. Viera Gažová, CSc.

Current projects

VEGA 1/0790/12 Cultural Industry / Industries 
Principal investigator:   prof. PhDr. Viera Gažová, CSc.

KEGA,115UK – 4/2013 Skill for the Sphere of Culture 
Principal investigator: PhDr. Zuzana Slušná, PhD.

VEGA,1/0823/12  Cultural Turn in Sociology of Culture 

Principal investigator: doc. PhDr. Adela Kvasničková, CSc.